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Cocker Spaniel Club of Lancashire

Founded in 1950

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Lancashire Committee.

President Trevor Borman (Sonic) Tel: 01829 770267

Secretary Debbie Grice (Kyna)Tel: 01744 819045

Chairperson Keith Robertson (Kastrian) Tel: 01524 792482

Treasurer Neil Hume (Oakedge)

Assistant Secretary Ann Nugent (Nulea)

Show Manager Ken Grice (Kyna)

Committee Members

Kath Craig (Nicibec)          David Hatton (Royaldean)            Betty Nugent (Nulea)

Nicola Craig (Nicibec)       Michelle Hatton (Royaldean)        Kim Winterton (Keturah)

Vince Craig (Nicibec)        Eileen Hume (Oakedge)               Linda Jones (Pipliz)

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